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The Ski-U-Pahdcast early signing period special!

Now with HOT TAKES about Star Wars!

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Merry Recruitmas Gophers fans!

The first Fleck recruiting class is in the books and it’s the best in school history. In this week’s Pahd I’m joined by gopherguy05 and UStreet to talk through why it’s so great, what we like about it, and how this class will help Minnesota moving forward. We also discuss important topics like:

  • our bowling wardrobes
  • just how many sad pizza slices Urban Meyer shared with Nick Saban as they whined about the early signing period
  • the recruiting process tropes we hate
  • why Pitch Perfect is a better movie than Star Wars - The Force Awakens

Yes it is, you know it is, we don’t want to hear anyone lying and pretending that TFA is better that Pitch Perfect. That would be acabullshit.

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