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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers Back in Action, Hosting Oral Roberts - OPEN THREAD

With finals over, Gopher Hoops returns to the court

NCAA Basketball: Drake at Minnesota Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports




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After a couple losses and struggling to get by Drake, the Gophers had a week to take care of finals and hit the practice court. This team appeared to need some time to regroup, clean some things up and get back to dominating.


  • Defend the Three - Oral Roberts isn’t even that good at shooting the three, but we have sort of struggled. Pitino and staff reportedly watched a lot of film to see if this is due to a lack of effort or execution. Turns out it is a little of both. Hopefully things are being corrected and we see those efforts pay off tonight.
  • Execute Offensively - The Eagles kind of stink on defense. 285th in defensive efficiency, 312th in defensive eFG% and 312th in defensive rebounding %. We really should be able to score on this team, I’m more concerned about executing and perfecting our offense.
  • Rebound - I mentioned that they aren’t very good at defensive rebounding, but this is a team with good size in their frontcourt. I hope we control the boards all game long.


This is not a great team and I think the week off did some good for this Gopher team.

Minnesota - 87
Oral Roberts - 68