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Minnesota Hockey: 1931 vs Wisconsin Badgers TBT

Ahead of this weekends series against Wisconsin, I thought it would be fun to look back at a game from the 1930s.

Gopher Hockey Team Photo 1931

Minnesota and Wisconsin have been playing each other since 1922. If you want to read up on the first game between these two old rivals, holler at this older piece that is really well written. Frank Pond, former player from Two Harbors took over the 1930 team. He would make the 1931-1932 Gophers into one of the great best in the country. Using the “Tonnelle System” they finished that year second in the country (not idea what the Tonnelle System is). Conveniently for Minnesota fans the 1930s sucked for Wisconsin hockey, they gave up on the sport after 1934-1935.

These are hawt.

Part of the reason why I picked this game to highlight is the article below describing the violent, hectic style of play. Plus I really liked that team photos above, and these 1930-1936 style jerseys might be my all time favorites.

From the Minneapolis Tribune February 14, 1931

Gopher Six Beats Wisconsin, 2 to 1

Minnesota Shows Best Form of Season to Win Rough Combat.

With occasional bursts of brilliant play and a strong offensive line the University of Minnesota hockey team Friday night defeated Wisconsin 2 to 1, at the Arena.

The game was rough throughout and penalties were frequent. Twelve players were ordered to the penalty box. Individual play became hectic during the last few minutes of play in the third period.

Wisconsin made a determined effort to overcome the lead of the Gophers, but Junes, Minnesota goalie, made nice stops in the last period to halt the rush of the badgers.

Minnesota played its best game of the season on home ice, taking the offensive at the start and keeping it throughout. The badgers made their only point on a rebound from a long shot, Mickey Bach poking it through on Thompson’s long fly from mid ice.

Ryman, Constantine, and Rundell were the mainstays of the Gopher play. Ryman and Rundell lining in the two points for Minnesota. Wisconsin stars were Mickey Bach, a Minneapolis boy; Thompson and Metcalf.

Minnesota shot the puck through the badger goal in the first nine minutes of play and a moment later Wisconsin evened the score when Bach shot the goal after the puck had rebounded from the edge of the net on Thompson’s long shot. The Gophers again assumed the lead when Rundell lined a short, fast one past Frisch, the Wisconsin goalie. Both Minnesota goals were short shots in from wild mix-ups directly in front of the Badger net.

The teams will conclude the series at the Arena tonight.