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NCAA Women’s Frozen Four will be broadcast by Big Ten Network!


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The NCAA has FINALLY stopped screwing over women’s hockey. For years the NCAA has broadcast happy commercials about how they care about ALL of their athletes while failing to find a home for the Women’s Frozen Four on TV. This despite the fact that multiple attempts have been made by local and national broadcasters to carry the event.

The result? Women’s hockey fans in Minnesota and across the US have been stuck watching the best games of the season on an (often lacking) online stream. No longer.

The NCAA and Big Ten Network announced today they have reached a four-year agreement to broadcast the Women’s Frozen Four on BTN.

In 2017, BTN will air the championship game live, and then in 2018, 2019 and 2020, the semifinals and the championship game of the Women’s Frozen Four will be aired live. The 2017 semifinals will be streamed on


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