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2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket Picker

Need statistical help for your bracket? We’re here to help

Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Still need help filling out your 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket? Would you like a little help with some efficiency stats but don’t know where to turn? Well, we are here to help you.

A few times over the last month, I have pointed you to the TDG Team Comparison Tool, which can still be found here and has been updated to include just the NCAA Tournament teams. But now I want to show you another hand dashboard to help you with your brackets. This is how you beat your friends and become the expert (note...I’ve never actually beat my friends in a bracket pool...this is year 18...this is my year).

There are several ways to slice and dice your this tool to see how teams compare.

  • You can look at seed groupings to get an idea of which lower seeded teams have the strongest efficiency profile.
  • You can look at two specific teams and compare their numbers.
  • You can look at the scatter plot by region only.
  • Or finally you can look at specific first round pairings to nail your first round picks.

So why am I still typing? I don’t is the tool.

Good luck my friends.