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Minnesota Football: Row The Boat? More Like Rho-da Boat!

Conor Rhoda is your clubhouse leader to be starting QB

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Maryland Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

There really was very little need for Coach Fleck to pay Western Michigan for his Row the Boat slogan. Very clearly he could have (and should have) just gone with Rho-da Boat and avoided all the costs associated with getting Row the Boat back.

Rho-da Boat

I really shouldn’t come as any surprise, but the early indications are that Conor Rhoda, the former walk-on, is going to be your Gopher starting quarterback for week 1 when the Gophers open their season hosting Buffalo.

This from Joe Christensen following Tuesday’s open practice.

"I think the guys that are really kind of showing a lot: You look at Conor [Rhoda's] doing a tremendous job of picking everything up. Is he where he’s going to be? No way. We are so far away from being an elite football team right now. But he’s picking up the offense. He has command of the offense. He’s learning how to be a leader on the offense, how to be an elite quarterback, in terms of running the offense the way he needs to run it.”

IowaGopher took a look at our QB situation heading into Spring practices and also concluded that Rhoda is the likely starter.

Rho-da Boat

Year one of a coaching change is always a transitional one, regardless of the level of returning talent. Rhoda makes sense as the guy to start as the season gets underway. He is picking up the offense quicker and will be a reliable guy to get things started.

Rho-da Boat

Get on board with it. (if you say it enough, it becomes a thing right?)