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2017 Big Ten Tournament Bracket & Seeding Scenarios: Minnesota has only one more hurdle to clear

One win left for a #2 seed.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Minnesota Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Wasn’t last night wonderful? Minnesota went out and beat Nebraska in dominating fashion. That was definitely all that happened though. Nope, nothing else fun or cool or enjoyable happened. Wait. I’m being told I’m wrong. We’re going now to footage of something important I am forgetting about. What could it be?

Oh that’s right. Wisconsin had their heart ripped out by Iowa. /crying laughing emjoi

Thursday Results

Minnesota stomps on Nebraska, 88-73. WOOT WOOT.

Iowa beats Wisconsin, 59-57. Good work Iowa.

Big Ten Standings

1) Purdue Boilermakers: 13-4*

2) Maryland Terrapins: 11-6**

3) Minnesota Golden Gophers: 11-6**

4) Wisconsin Badgers: 11-6**

5) Northwestern Wildcats: 10-7

6) Michigan State Spartans: 10-7

7) Michigan Wolverines: 9-8

8) Iowa Hawkeyes: 9-8

9) Illinois Fighting Illini: 8-9

10) Ohio State Buckeyes: 7-10

11) Indiana Hoosiers: 6-11

12) Penn State Nittany Lions: 6-11

13) Nebraska Cornhuskers: 6-11

14) Rutgers Scarlet Knights: 2-15

*Purdue has the outright Big Ten title.
**Don’t worry about the current seeds since they don’t matter.

Bracket & Seeding Scenarios


Here is the full list of Big Ten tiebreakers via BTN’s website. There are two key tiebreaking rules to remember:

  • When 2 teams are tied and split the season series, their record versus the top seed is compared. Since Minnesota beat Purdue in their only meeting and Purdue beat our primary rivals in the seeding, we will always win this matchup.
  • When 3 teams are tied each team’s record against the entire group (not H2H against each individual team) is compared. The team with the best winning % within the group gets the best seed. We will almost always lose a group comparison if Michigan State is involved.

If Minnesota beats Wisconsin...

  • Minnesota gets the #2 seed if they win out. They have the head to head tiebreaker over Maryland because we beat Purdue and Maryland didn’t.
  • TL;DR: I will refer you to the only bullet point in this section.

If Minnesota loses to Wisconsin...

  • This is finally easy to work through! With a loss to Wisconsin, the Gophers will be a #4 seed or a #5 seed.
  • Minnesota is a #4 seed if they lose and Maryland wins. It doesn’t matter if Northwestern wins or loses, either way the Gophers are the #4 seed if Maryland wins.
  • Minnesota is a #5 seed if they lose and Michigan State wins. It doesn’t matter if Northwestern wins or loses, either way the Gophers are the #5 seed if Michigan State wins.
  • TL;DR: You really want Maryland to win on Saturday because if they do Minnesota is guaranteed a double bye.

Rooting Interests

Honestly, you only care about Maryland. Maryland winning is the 2nd best thing that could happen behind Minnesota beating Wisconsin.

Sat 3/4

  • Indiana at Ohio State - You don’t care. Or maybe your do. I dunno. Cheer for Ohio State if you want Tom Crean fired?
  • Illinois at Rutgers - It doesn’t really matter unless you’re in favor of Illinois sneaking into the NCAA Tourney. Then cheer for Illinois.
  • Michigan State @ Maryland - You want Maryland to win. I say again, you want Maryland to win.

Sun 3/5

  • Penn State at Iowa - Penn State, because we hate Iowa.
  • Purdue at Northwestern - Want to see Northwestern sweat on the bubble? Cheer for Purdue.
  • Minnesota @ Wisconsin - BETTER DEAD THAN RED