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2017 Big Ten Tournament Predictions & Bracket

We’re all terrible people who see Purdue winning this thing.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Northwestern Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

You know what’s great? Forgetting that Big Ten Tournament starts tomorrow because Minnesota isn’t playing until Friday. Admit it, it happened to you. Even if it didn’t I want you to admit it because it happened to me and I don’t want to be alone in my super happy shame.

It’s true though. The Big Ten Tournament kicks off tomorrow and the Minnesota Golden Gophers will still be kicking back wondering who they’ll face from the Michigan State/TBD portion of the bracket. While the rest of us join them in enjoying the double-bye we thought it was important for the staff of TDG to offer our TAKES on who will win the BTT. After all, we have a nifty prediction tool that runs off of KenPom now! Though I’m not sure all of us used it (sorry GN).

Before we get to the totally scientific and correct predictions of the staff, here’s a quick reminder of what the bracket looks like:

TDG Staff Predictions

Who wins this thing? 4 of us think Purdue goes on a mission to improve their NCAA seeding and wins the Big Ten Tournament. One of us is enthralled by the Tom Izzo March Magic. Meanwhile, Crimson Quarry thinks we win the whole thing so I guess we’re bad fans?

How do we think Minnesota does? Here we vary. Everyone thinks the Gophers will face the Michigan State Spartans on Friday, but only 3 of us think Minnesota beats MSU. Of those 3, none of us see Minnesota beating Purdue on Saturday.

Top 4 seed getting the most disrespect? Easily Wisconsin. Only two of us think they beat either Indiana or Iowa.

Other common themes?

  • Penn State and Ohio State are winning on Wednesday.
  • Illinois is done for the year.
  • I don’t think any of us truly believes in Northwestern but 3 of us couldn’t pick against them.
  • Rutgers is still terrible.

Here are the full brackets!


My bracket is pretty much chalk, with the exception of my continued disdain and disrespect for the Wisconsin Badgers. The B1G would be happy that I think Maryland fans will get the chance to salvage the BTT’s image by filling up the lower level on Sunday. It would probably be better for everyone if it was a ghost town so we stopped holding it in DC but whatever I’m just bitter.


Don’t bet against Tom Izzo seems to be gg05’s guiding influence here. He is also on TEAM FUCK WISCONSIN, so good for him!


LOL at Indiana Hoosiers to the title game. Nope, nope, nope, nope, not going to happen not even close what were you thinking?


Ustreet was quick to note that he’s picking against Northwestern out of spite. Which is an entirely reasonable thing to do.



What would your bracket look like?