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Minnesota Football: Coach Fleck Unplugged at Spring Practice

You can see just how Gopher practices will now be run

PJ Fleck and the Gophers are off to an elite start
Gopher Football Twitter

Thanks to the video media people over at the U, we get an inside look at the Gophers first practice under PJ Fleck. The video below is nearly three minutes of everything you would expect it to be. There are lots of Fleckisms, tons of energy and a view of the Gophers trying to be elite.

Some interesting nuggets from the video:

  • Fleck praises Rashad Still a ton in the video. You see him talking to two other coaches about him saying “He’s got special written all over him.” he then is seen talking to Still on the field and saying “You got some scary freakiness to you. Let us mold it.”
  • Fleck gets in a ball protection drill with Tyler Johnson....and wins of course. He stands over him and flexes....and says “I’m stronger than I look”
  • You see a manager or other assistant coach carrying a large Minnesota flag behind Fleck as he runs through some of the drills...It will be interesting to see just how they use that.

Its just a fun look at the first of many practices where Fleck will try and shape the Gophers into elite players.