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UStreet wins the TDG Bracket Challenge

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Gonzaga vs North Carolina Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Truly the most important prize of March Madness, the Daily Gopher tournament pool was won by UStreet. I credit my dog with making most of my picks for me, but will certainly use this to demonstrate my ELITE knowledge of college basketball for the next year. Also never pick Villanova. Villanova will disappoint you, always and forever. There is no prize for winning other than the prize of competing, so Gonzaga and I received the same prize.

The top 10 is below.

Final Standings

Rank Owner Bracket
Rank Owner Bracket
1 Ustreet Ustreet
2 Nathan 1 and done
3 Ron BuckySucksSoDoesHerky
4 zipsofakron zipsofakron's Unreal Bracket
5 Malcolm Repeat
6 Blank Name My Bracket
7 dwussow My Remarkable Bracket
8 Anthony this is a bracket
9 Peter IzzyLegit
10 Ted Pony Kegs 2

Credit to Ron for the excellent bracket name. Additional credit goes Alex who defied their bracket name of “I’m going to lose” to finish fourth from last. Believe in yourself Alex!