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RUMORS: ESPN to feature Minnesota in 4 episode series this fall?

The only confirmation we have is Twitter so, ya know, don’t blame us.

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi - Penn State v USC Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images

UPDATE: 4/6, 3:25 PM

Consider the news of a multi-part feature on Minnesota on ESPN confirmed. Phil Mackey was at Fleck’s speech to a variety of folks at TCF last night (which is where the rumors on this came from) and he confirms Fleck has said the following:

Joe C has it at the STrib too (h/t to bewilder in the comments):

The Gophers are in discussions with a production company about a behind-the-scenes television show, featuring football coach P.J. Fleck, an athletics department source confirmed Thursday.

The deal has not yet been finalized, but the sides have discussed a four-part series that the production company could distribute to the ESPN networks or another station.

Some of the language here is important:

  • It’s not a done deal yet.
  • The deal is with both a production company and potentially ESPN (if they’re dropping the 4 Letters out loud it feels like it’s probably done in principle).

So consider this confirmed but in progress fun news instead of rumored completed fun news.



I want to be very clear that I haven’t seen anything close to official confirmation since reading the tweets I’m embedding below last night. I have no sources on this, I’m not saying it’s true. I think if you polled the TDG staff we’d say we think it’s legit, but THIS IS A RUMOR.

Ok, all the hedging and caveats are out of the way. Feast your eyes upon this tasty bit of possibly true fun:

This is going up because we’re trusting Gobie and other details from behind the various recruiting paywalls that we’re not going to print because it’s not our content and that would be lame of us.

Assuming this is true? HUGE NEWS for the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Proceed to be excited or skeptical or anything in between.