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Minnesota Softball: Gophers Sent to Alabama for NCAA Regional

The Gophers have the best record in the country but somehow went unseeded by the committee

Watch out SEC...Sara Groenewegen is coming for you...

The Gopher Softball team has the best record in the nation, and won both the Big Ten regular season title and tournament. They were ranked the #7 team in the nation by the NCAA Committee a week ago. Yet, somehow when the NCAA Pairings were announced Sunday night, the Gophers were not given one of the top 16 seeds by the NCAA and will head to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a four team regional this weekend.

I’ll be blunt. The Gophers just got straight up screwed by the NCAA. No Ifs. No Ands. No Butts. This is unbelievable.

The Gophers basically were ranked #17 by the NCAA as they are in the same regional as #16 seed Alabama. Somehow the Gophers dropped ten spots in a week in the mind of the NCAA committee while going 4-0 since the rankings and winning the Big Ten Tournament. The Gophers have the #12 RPI in the country. I have no idea how this happened.

Minnesota will play the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs on Friday afternoon at 1:30 in the double elimination regional. Alabama will play Albany in the other initial match-up at 4:00. The regional will unfold in the typical double elimination fashion until only one team is left standing, and they will advance to the NCAA Super Regional the next weekend for a best of three series against the winner of #1 Florida’s regional.

So not only do the Gophers not get seeded, but if they “upset” Alabama they will get rewarded with a best of three series at the #1 team in the country. Can’t make this up.

So why did the Gophers get screwed? The speculation, because the committee chair has not said why is that Minnesota had only 2 RPI Top 15 wins and went just 2-2 against the Top 20. Yet, again the NCAA committee had the Gophers ranked #7 a week ago. So why wasn’t that a problem last weekend?

Lets take a look at the rest of the top ten list the NCAA tweeted out Saturday May 7.

#1 Florida got the #1 overall seed.

#2 Florida State got the #4 overall seed.

#3 Arizona got the #2 overall seed.

#4 Washington got the #3 overall seed.

#5 Auburn got the #7 overall seed

#6 Oregon got the #3 overall seed

#7 Minnesota —Unseeded

#8 Tennessee got the #8 overall seed

#9 Texas A&M got the #9 overall seed

#10 UCLA got the #5 overall seed.

It just makes no sense. LSU is the #13 seed. Minnesota beat the Tigers in Baton Rouge.

#12 seed Ole Miss won the SEC Championship...yet has an RPI of #23. The Gophers are #12. It just makes no sense.

While the Gopher fanbase is logically irate, the players are probably taking this a little better.

Ohhh Bama you are sooo screwed. Watch out SEC. Sara’s coming for you.