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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Gophers may have their own Unique Brissett II

Confused? Let me explain.

Chicago Blackhawks v Nashville Predators - Game Three Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

For a moment this afternoon it looked like Minnesota Gophers might have breaking recruiting news. A new Florida WR was rowing the boat! How did we know? The following tweet made it’s way into the feeds of multiple TDG staff members:

Our reaction? Pure befuddlement. None of us had any idea who this kid was. Multiple attempts to Google his identity using the limited information in his Twitter profile proved fruitless. What was going on?

Our very own Unique Brissett!

The answer seems to be that KKoke is Minnesota’s first Unique Brissett II. The non recruitniks among our readers are probably wondering who I’m talking about. Short version? Someone catfished (tricked using social media accounts) multiple publications into thinking a fake recruit was making his Top School List (full of big name programs) public. After these sites (which included the Palm Beach Post and a 247 site) ran the news people started wondering why they hadn’t heard of the kid. The reason he came out of nowhere was that he didn’t exist.

Based on what the Minnesota recruiting gurus are saying on Twitter it certainly looks like we have a similar situation here.

The takeaway?

Recruiting is a weird, creepy, and twisted world sometimes. Don’t ever forget it.