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Minnesota Football: Gopher Football Rebirth, Basketball in NYC and more

Wednesday Nugz

I want to kick off today’s Nugz with a great story on the past and present of Gopher football from

The article talks about the ancient, and rather successful, past of Gopher football. It then goes on to discuss the positives of the program for PJ Fleck and hypothesizes that this may just be the right time and place for a rebirth of Gopher football.

This just in…Minnesota doesn’t suck.

The Golden Gophers are 31-21 since 2013 and fresh off winning back-to-back bowl games. The 9-4 record they posted last season was the best since 2003’s 10-3 team.

...(skipping stats and stuff)...

The numbers don’t lie…Minnesota was moving in the right direction before the coaching change.

And concluding wondering if the timing of the Fleck hire, just may be the right scenario for the Gophers to get back into the conversation. If you read nothing else today, this is a good one.