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Caption This: How do you spell Wisconsin again?

Give us your funniest, most clever caption for this photo!

Outback Bowl - Georgia vs Wisconsin - January 1, 2005

Hello members of the TDG community! Welcome to the debut of a new post that is a shameless ripoff of something I saw our friends at Corn Nation doing, a CAPTION THIS IMAGE post. Since it’s the offseason and y’all do a good job of being witty in the comments when you want to, it felt like a good time to try a new weekly post on for size.

The concept is simple. Each week (probably Tuesdays, but we’ll see) I’ll run a post that has an image. Your job is to write a fun caption for the image in the comments. There are no official prizes for the best captions (as voted on by “recs”) but the pride you’ll feel as the “winner” each week should be spoils enough I’m sure. My intent is for all the images to come from Minnesota Gophers sporting events. I was completing work on my first version of this post (which had a funny image of Reggie Lynch) I was presented with a non-Gophers image too worthy of mockery and witty retort to pass up. So for your first CAPTION THIS post, please give us the best caption for what Wisconsin Badgers fans managed to pull off in this image...

NOTE: Want to participate but aren’t a member at TDG yet? Consider this a reason to join our community! We’d love to have you in the comments!