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Minnesota set to rake in some sweet Big Ten TV contract money.

Just don’t think too hard about how this money means Friday football games.

It looks like Minnesota (and the rest of the Big Ten not named Rutgers or Maryland) are ready to cash in on the new conference TV deals in a big way.

Because Big Ten schools get an equal share of the conference revenue (unless you just joined and we hate you because you’re Rutgers), this means Minnesota will get approximately $51.1 million next year. What does that mean for the Gophers? They’ll probably have $14.8 million extra dollars to play around with. Insert your favorite “MAKING IT RAIN” gif here:

I’d like to point to something specific that the department will spend this money on besides keeping up with the Jones’ in coaching salaries and ever soaring administrative costs, but...well...that’s kinda what I expect it’ll go towards. Maybe they’ll add in a shiny new doo-dad to the Athletes Village. Either way, more money is better than less money in an environment ruled by money.