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It’s only 65 days until Minnesota Football!

It’s Big Sandy Lake days until the Gophers.

High Levels Of Arsenic Found In Lake Okeechobee Muck Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Hooray! It’s now only 65 days until Minnesota Football! Since there is no 65 currently on the roster, it means it’s only Big Sand Lake days until Gopher Football. (Note: I picked a great week to resume the “Days until football” countdown didn’t I?)

Why Big Sand Lake? Because it appears to be the 65th largest lake entirely within the borders of Minnesota. According to what source?, so please take their list with a couple of Wikipedia sized grains of salt.

Some Big Sand Lake facts for you:

  • It is 1,659 acres large.
  • It’s located just northeast of Park Rapids, where Coach Fleck “wrestled” a 7 year old earlier this month.
  • Big Sand has a max depth of 135 feet.
  • According to Lake Lubbers: “Big Sand Lake is the kind of lake where adults have spent every summer within their memory here and share its secrets with grandchildren and great-grandchildren on their annual summer visit.” That sounds picturesque until you also read that “most of the eight-mile lakefront is privately owned and holds many properties that have been jealously guarded and handed down within families for generations.” Lake Lubbers has descriptions unlike I’ve ever seen before.
  • There is a chance I miscounted the Lake Lubber list to arrive at Big Sand I’m not worried though. Why?