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NCAA closes the PJ Fleck football camp video loophole

The violation that wasn’t is now a violation.

Gopher Sports

In an important update to the most important recruiting related story we’ve ever written at TDG, we are relieved to let you know that the NCAA is out and about protecting college sports yet again. You may be asking yourself “from what?” The answer is not bag men, or payment for money earned for the NCAA. or even cream cheese. No no no. This time the NCAA is out there stopping villainous behavior like creating high quality videos of summer football camps that include potential future players.


I’d like to thank Kyle Goblirsch of of 247 for bringing this detail to our attention. I’d also like to offer condolences to him, as Nebraska fans are hell bent on letting him know that Cornhusker coach Mike Riley did this before P.J. Fleck did and the fact that Fleck and Minnesota are getting attention for it is simply BS.

In response to their nagging, I think the clarified NCAA bylaw should now be known as the “P.J. Fleck Camp Video Rule” from here on out. GO BIG RED!

In case you’re wondering, based on the Likes and Retweets of Tennessee Compliance’s tweet, we can infer that the following schools were among those who reported Coach Fleck for the violation that wasn’t:

  • Iowa, who isn’t even trying to hide the fact that Lil’ Ferentz complained.
  • Illinois, Mississippi State, and Washington are Power 5 schools who got the sadz.
  • Western Michigan and North Dakota were coming in strong with that Minnesota ill-will.
  • MAC also ran Eastern Michigan was displeased too.
  • Colorado State is salty about having never beaten the Gophers.
  • And last but not least, a bunch of tiny schools we don’t care about including Central Arkansas, Hofstra, Houston Baptist, Mercer, MTSU, Old Dominion, Saint Louis, Stetson, Tennessee State, and Towson were also potentially upset.


There are too many NCAA bylaws and complaining about things Coach Fleck does really upsets Nebraska fans who want you to know Coach Riley did those things first.