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Minnesota Football: Big Ten West News and Notes

A rundown of what’s going on with the Gophers and the rest of the Big Ten West

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Time for a Wednesday afternoon Nugz and we’ll include some Gopher related news but also a quick look at what’s going on with our Big Ten West foes.


Ticket sales matter.


Champaign Room takes a look at what to expect from the Illini offense in 2017.

Last season, Illinois used its pace to control time of possession. Even if the Illini went 3-and-out, the coaches wanted to give their defense a chance to catch its breath. Illinois should have a more potent offense in 2017 and be able to control the ball by stringing together long drives with the running game.

Basically, Illinois hypothetically should be able to move at a faster pace in 2017 without sacrificing time of possession if the Illini are able to run the ball effectively.


Bill Connelly was very complimentary of the Cats in his preview.

I’m not going to say this is the “everything pointed in the right direction” year — we rarely realize it ahead of time. But it’s not hard to imagine it.


The Wildcats will likely start conference play 0-2, but every game from Maryland on is either a tossup or a likely win, and winning them all could mean the Wildcats’ first Big Ten West title.

And Northwestern will sell out their stadium in 2018 when they host Notre Dame for the first time in 40 years.


Corn Nation has a fun video that talks about whey most national pundits are predicting a mediocre season for the Huskers. And by mediocre they mean around .500, which will possibly induce Armageddon in Nebraska.


Redshirt freshman, Jake Hescock is transferring. He is a defensive end, but the Badgers look to have a deep defensive line in 2017.

Also note that the Badger basketball team is taking an overseas trip this summer.


Lots of recruiting coverage over at Black Heart Gold Pants. I’ll point you there and let you peruse the site.

Gopher Nugz

I’ll end with this...