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Minnesota Football: Gopher Sports Digitizing Yearly Video Highlights #TBT

Clear your work schedule, put your feet up and enjoy some great videos.

Gophers vs Cal in 1987

As a season ticket holder I have been getting these #FleckFriday emails for awhile now (if you’re not getting those emails subscribe here). It took me awhile to notice at the bottom of the page they have been posting video highlights for past seasons.

These are great. There really isn’t as much documentation about Minnesota football in the 1970s or 1980s, so it’s fun to see the fashions, Goldy, and team from that era.


The Gophers went 7-5 and lost to Maryland in the Hall of Fame Classic Bowl. In Cal Stoll’s most memorable win he beat #1 Michigan on October 22nd. This video is great as it’s narrated and really gives off an awesome 1970s vibe.


The Gophers would only go 6-5 this year, which was not good enough for a bowl berth. This season is probably most memorable as the last year at Memorial Stadium. There are some sick highlights of Mike Hohensee though.


Last video (so far) entitled “Seeds of Victory” and it’s all about Lou Holtz baby! The Gophers only went 4-7 in 1984, but the turnaround was in place as 1985 was Lou’s last/best year.