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Minnesota Football is only 63 days away!

Let’s celebrate with another beautiful lake!



Minute by minute, second by second. The Minnesota Football season will be here before you know it. In the meantime, the countdown rolls on. Since there is no #63 on the roster right now we celebrate the 63rd* largest lake found entirely within Minnesota’s borders (per I’m talking of course about Cross Lake.

Cross Lake facts

  • The lake is part of the Whitefish Chain, north of Brainerd, MN.
  • The lake hosts one of the many Zorbaz locations across Minnesota, which makes it more important than other lakes because great nachos, pizza, and beer are important.
  • One of my friends uncles has a “cabin” on the lake and I can vouch for it’s wonderfulness (though the photo taken above is not from there).
  • It’s over 1,700 acres large.