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Minnesota Hockey: 14 Weeks Until Puck Drop!

Only 98 days until the new season starts!

Eric Schierhorn will backstop the Gophers once again in 2017-18

To be perfectly honest....this was to be a 100 days until Gopher Hockey is back post. But...that didn’t happen. Whoops. So now its a 98 days until Gopher Hockey is back post. Or, 14 weeks from tonight the 2017-18 Gopher Hockey season will begin with a game against the Ice Breaker Classic host Minnesota-Duluth.

Minnesota will be looking to build off of last season’s team that lost in the NCAA Tournament to new Big Ten foe Notre Dame. They lose quite a bit of offensive firepower, but should still be strong on the blueline and in net with Eric Schierhorn. The Gophers will be one of the favorites to win the Big Ten once again along with Wisconsin, Penn State, and Notre Dame. It should be a fun run....and its only 14 weeks away. a penance for not getting this to be a 100 days post, I bring you the Gopher Hockey tweet from yesterday which was National Handshake Day! It should bring back all the warm fuzzies to your heart.

Keep October 20 and 21 open on your schedule...just in case history repeats itself.