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PJ Fleck keeps Minnesota Football recruiting in the news by beating other programs at loopholes.

Fleck and his staff are finding new ways to utilize the program’s talents.

Gopher Sports

Some interesting news from the creepy caring realm of recruiting. Earlier this week Coach Fleck tweeted out a hype video for Minnesota’s Friday Night Lights and Big Man camps. As with everything we’re seeing from the Gopher Video department, it was top notch.

I loved it, though there was a part of me that wondered if they were allowed to create a video with recruits in it. Per Chris Hummer (national writer for 247), it sounds like multiple other programs had the same question (please click here to read the whole story)

Per a source, a number of schools reported Fleck for committing a recruiting violation following his tweet. Institutions are not allowed to post videos of prospective student athletes for recruiting purposes, per NCAA rules.

However, per a compliance source, the Golden Gophers have found a loophole in an NCAA Interpretation that allows for the video.

Fleck is using the video as an advertisement for Minnesota's camps, which is allowed per NCAA rules: "It is permissible to post a photograph or video of a prospective student-athlete taken during the normal course of camp of clinic activities within permissible camp or clinic information and advertisements," the interpretation reads.

Basically, Fleck got creative, and it paid off.

This is the part where I start laughing, because you know Iowa was one of the schools who got all worked up about this. It’s also the part where I note how many stupid rules there are.

Other than laughter, what are the key takeaways from this incident?

  • The power of ABC. Coach Fleck Always Be Crootin’ y’all. This staff is going to come up with stuff we’ve never heard of in the name of recruiting more than once I suspect.
  • Take advantage of what you do well. Minnesota has a top notch video and graphics team and we’re seeing constant reminders of this in recruiting in ways none of the previous staffs ever showed. I have absolutely no idea whether “showing love” though those forms will pay big dividends. However, I know it won’t hurt and I’m impressed to see that the staff will work hard enough to find new ways to utilize this strength that they can get erroneously reported for NCAA violations as a result.
  • Ferentz the Younger. Somewhere Lil’ Kirk is preparing to tell Iowa boosters about how shady Fleck is based on this incident.