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Big Ten Football title odds makers like Ohio State for obvious reasons

They also like several B1G West teams more than the Gophers.

Las Vegas Strip Exteriors Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When it comes to Vegas, the Big Ten title race looks like Ohio State and then everyone else. The fact that the Buckeyes are big favorites to win the Big Ten isn’t really shocking at this point. Wisconsin is the next most likely to win the Big Ten according to the odds makers. This has less to do with whether they think the Badgers are the 2nd best team in the conference and much more to do with the fact that they think UW is going to win the B1G West division. As for Minnesota?

(odds via Bovada)

The Gophers are 33/1 to win the conference title, behind Wisconsin, Nebraska, Northwestern, and Iowa. Which is fine, because if your plan for this season is Minnesota winning the Big Ten...well...let’s just say you’re going to have a bad time.