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Minnesota Football over-under set at 7.5 wins

You might be stretching a bit with this one Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip Exteriors Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Bovada has released updated college football wins predictions for the 2017 season. This time, they actually include the Minnesota Gophers! I’ve never gotten a satisfactory explanation for why the Gophers weren’t included the first time, so I’m just going to assume they were figuring out how to weigh the impact of the Nekton Mentality and P.J. Fleck’s ELITE shoe game.

The final decision by the Las Vegas bookmakers? 7.5 wins

Not going to lie Vegas folks, I gotta take the under here. Complete unknowns for QB play, an offensive line that is coming back from a ton of surgeries, depth concerns at multiple positions, and a new head coach with new systems who isn’t afraid to look long term? And to win the over I need the Gophers to match last seasons regular season win total despite all that? Yep, definitely taking the under.

The rest of the Big Ten

Here’s how the rest of the conference shakes out:

Looking this over I have the following thoughts...LOL Northwestern fans who pick the over...SPARTY NO to the over...Yay Lovie Smith...Poor poor Purdue.