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Jarvis Thomas releases cool and classy commitment video

Pay attention kids...this is how you do it

Jarvis Thomas is ready to make an impact as a Gopher

As we recapped Tuesday night, Orono’s Jarvis Thomas committed to Richard Pitino and the Minnesota Gophers basketball team on Tuesday. He joins his Howard Pulley teammate Daniel Orturu in the 2018 recruiting class for the Gophers.

Shortly after his public announcement at Orono High School, Thomas released this video on his Twitter account. It’s just under a minute, but if you watch this and can’t get excited for Thomas to be a Gopher...check your pulse.

Forget all the egotistical bros doing the paintball videos or the go kart chase videos . Kids—this is how you do it. Please take note. Respect, pride, and giving credit to your momma.