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Minnesota Football 2017 schedule poster revealed

Another important preseason piece has fallen into place.

In my checklist of key preseason items, the Minnesota Football schedule poster release sits near the top. I tend to plaster my work cube with schedule posters for multiple teams (though our new “open office design” may ruin that in the future) so I really look forward to the team announcing the new posters.

Consider me happy today.

Quick thoughts

  • In past seasons the Gophers have had a couple of different posters. I’m unsure if that will be the case again or if this is the only one we’ll get. We’ll just have to wait and see.
  • I like that gold is the primary color.
  • I’m not typically a big fan of the “multiple game shots combo” posters, but pushing the gold shading over the images makes it look better to me.
  • I’m happy to make my cube more ELITE with Fleck’s grinning mug. YMMV.
  • Gopher Talk 101 is going to be important to anyone wondering what all the words mean. I swear we’ll get links to those videos up here soon.



The new schedule poster is...

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