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Big Ten Football media poll doesn’t think Minnesota will win the title


NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

I’d like to interrupt your regularly scheduled evening plans for this breaking news that we failed to cover on Friday.

Assorted media from across the Big Ten footprint do not think the Minnesota Gophers will win the conference title.

I know. I’m aghast at this news as well. Who are these charlatans? These so-called purveyors of truth in a complex world? Did they not see the size of Coach Fleck in the Minnesota Football schedule poster before voting?


Ok. I’m calm now. Here’s what the folks at Cleveland dot com got back as votes from their feckless peers:


1. Wisconsin, 259 points (31 first-place votes)

2. Northwestern, 219 (5)

3. Nebraska, 176.5 (2)

4. Iowa, 164.5

5. Minnesota, 131

6. Purdue, 57

6. Illinois, 57



1. Ohio State, 260 points (34 first-place votes)

2. Penn State, 231.5 (7)

3. Michigan, 192 (1)

4. Michigan State, 128

5. Indiana, 114

6. Maryland, 100.5

7. Rutgers, 38

(first-place votes equal more than 38 because of some ties for first)



Ohio State over Wisconsin (22)

Ohio State over Northwestern (5)

Ohio State over Nebraska (2)

Wisconsin over Ohio State (3)

Wisconsin over Penn State (1)

Penn State over Wisconsin (4)

Michigan over Wisconsin (1)

Quick thoughts

  • Obviously I’m not actually shocked. This is what I would expect the vote to look like and I think it’s a perfectly fair place to put the Gophers.
  • I’m shocked that 5 writers voted for Northwestern to win the West. That feels like a hill Teddy Greenstein would defend alone.
  • Don’t worry Harbaugh, people will stop loving Urban’s team so much some day.
  • Ruh roh Illinois. The media doesn’t think Purdue is worse than you? That’s not a good look when you hired an NFL coach. Maybe this is the year Lovie finds his Cutler.

What do you think?


The Gophers were picked...

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  • 5%
    ...too high.
    (8 votes)
  • 57%
    ...too low.
    (92 votes)
  • 37%
    ...juuuuuuuuust right.
    (59 votes)
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