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Coney Durr says he’s cleared for Minnesota Football fall camp

This is good news, but it doesn’t mean we should expect Durr to play right away this season.

NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-Minnesota vs Washington State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Sophomore cornerback Coney Durr has some HUGE news to share on the eve of Minnesota’s appearance at Big Ten Media Days:

Whoa. To recap, Coney was playing well in the Holiday Bowl against Washington State and had Gophers fans super excited about his future, only to suffer an ACL tear. Once that happened, you had to question whether the promising defender would see the field this fall.

What does this mean?

  • I’m sure we’ll hear more specifics in the coming days (one would assume as early as tomorrow at 8am CT), but I urge fans not to overreact with happiness. “Cleared” can mean a great many things.
  • That said, even if “cleared” simply means Durr can run on the sidelines and do individual workouts of some kind while the team practices that would be a pretty big step just 6 months after tearing his ACL.
  • Injuries suck, so you gotta be happy for Coney!