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Strolling Through Twitterland: Big Ten Media Days

Gopher B1G Media Days Twitter Recap

Big Ten Network

Hard to believe we are here but B1G Media days are upon us. It’s time to buckle up because actual football will be played in a few short weeks. For possibly the first time ever, the media contingent in Chicago actually gathered around the Gopher’s head coach to hear what he had to say. PJ Fleck did PJ Fleck things and left many in awe at his energy. Let’s take our first Stroll Through Twitterland of the 2017 season to see what people had to say about PJ Fleck and the Gophers.

For those new to The Daily Gopher and for our long-time readers, here is a quick-refresher course on what the Stroll Through Twitterland is all about. Each week of the football season, I will take a Stroll Through Twitterland to see what people are saying about the Gophers and that weeks game. I’ll gather roughly ten Tweets I feel capture what the overriding sentiments were for the game that week. Some Tweets are funny. Some Tweets are angry. Some Tweets are a reality-check about the Gophers. Please check-in every week and join in the conversation.

Let’s get strolling.

Here are the #hashtags for this week.








He’s not wrong.

How do you really feel?

Except for that whole 13-0 MAC Championship thing.

Be prepared fans. This season may not go as everyone hopes. But have faith in the vision.

That suit is straight fire emoji.

Those socks. #swoons

Phony or visionary? What say you?

In actual news...

More news...

Looking at you Iowa.

Last but certainly not least, you can watch PJ Fleck’s entire speech here.

So there you have it. What were some of your favorite Gopher B1G Media Days Tweets you saw? Is it just me or does it feel good to be talking about football again?



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