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Conor Rhoda named Nekton of the Week

Offseason workouts continue, and Conor is a big winner in week 3.

England Players Recreational Day In Sydney Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Another week of offseason workouts is in the books for Minnesota Football, and that mean’s we’ve got another Nekton of the Week.

Nekton Mentality is one of many new concepts being introduced under Coach Fleck. Here’s our recap of what it means...

You may recall that having a Nekton Mentality is one of the three things necessary to being Elite. What is a Nekton Mentality? Do a quick Google search and you’ll find plenty of articles that talk about Fleck’s use of “Nekton Mentality.” There are a few ways in which he applies this to being Elite.

1 - You are always hungry, always attacking and never satisfied

Always attacking and never satisfied is really what this comes down to. A Great White shark doesn’t every stop or sit back and rest. Always moving, always attacking and never satisfied. I just typed “always attacking, never satisfied” three times (now four)’s important to being Elite.

2 - You don’t let the situation dictate what is going to happen.

The technical definition of Nekton is an organism that can move independently of currents. Regardless of the situation a nekton organism is able to move at it’s will and do what it needs to do. And what does it do? You guessed it...always attacking and is never satisfied.

...and here’s how Coach Fleck describes it.

HATS OFF to Conor Rhoda for attacking last week!