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Big Ten announces Minnesota Basketball’s conference schedule

We now know who and where the Gophers will play in the B1G this season.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Tournament-Michigan State vs Minnesota Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I know we’re all in “FOOTBALL WILL BE HERE SOON” mode, but Minnesota shared some basketball schedule related news today that requires our attention. The Big Ten has announced the official conference schedules and we now know who Minnesota will play and where they’ll play them.

The “home/home” matchups had been floating out there for a little while now, but it wasn’t clear until today where the Gophers would face each of their “one play” opponents. UStreet will have more in depth thoughts on this news, but here’s my quick thoughts:

  • Minnesota got some good “one play” draws in Michigan State, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
  • While it would have been better if more than just MSU was at home, that’s still a huge win for the Gophers schedule wise.
  • Minnesota’s tiebreakers could get interesting with so many key opponents getting set up as “one plays”