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Minnesota Volleyball: Gophers Reveal New Jerseys

Someone is still using the brick pattern in their uniforms

The Gopher volleyball team will sport new jerseys in 2017

The Minnesota volleyball team has made it to two consecutive NCAA Final Fours, and will have a very good chance to make it three in a row this fall. In doing so, the Gophers will at least look good. Minnesota revealed a new set of uniforms they will wear for the 2017 season on Tuesday.

The first thing you notice is that at least one program is keeping the brick motif on their jerseys. Most likely based on the brick exterior of the Pav, the shaded brick design shows up in both the home white and road maroon uniforms.

Minnesota will have their team name running down the inside sleeve of both jerseys as well. Golden is written on the left sleeve, and Gophers is on the right. Both jerseys have a number in the center of the chest with a block M on the upper left chest area. The jerseys have large numbers on the back, and just like the Gopher Football team’s gold jerseys have Minnesota instead of a player’s name in the nameplate area.

The white jerseys have a stripe running down each sleeve that transitions from maroon to gold as it nears the cuff. On the maroon jerseys the gold is near the shoulders and the stripe transitions to white near the cuff.

The old saying is, “If you look play good” It appears the Gophers have part one down...hopefully part two follow suit.