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Hockey Day Minnesota messed up by Big Ten money grubbing

Time to get #madonline.

Rutgers Announces Move to Big Ten Conference Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Another day, another reason to hate on the Big Ten for chasing cash all day long. As gopherguy05 already noted, for the first time in the event’s history, the Minnesota Gophers will not be a part of Hockey Day Minnesota.

Wednesday we found out that the events will have a very significant St. Cloud much so that for the first time in the twelve year history of the event the Gopher Hockey team will not be apart of the event.

With St. Cloud being the host, the St. Cloud State Huskies will take center stage. Not only will the Huskie men’s team host Minnesota State-Mankato in the usual 5PM slot the Gophers would play in, but the Huskie women will host UMD in a game on the outside ice at 1:00.

Why is this happening? Frankly it’s probably because the Gophers aren’t available.

Minnesota could not have been a part of the event on January 20th, as the Gophers will be a part of another large event that day. The Gophers will play Michigan State at Madison Square Garden as a part of the Big Ten Super Saturday Basketball/Hockey doubleheader event.

This is dumb and I have salty thoughts about it.

Before we get #madonline...

  • Logically, there are reasons the event might not feature Minnesota. It is possible that after over a decade of Pride on Ice getting top collegiate billing Fox Sports North decided to reward SCSU since the game was in their town. Makes sense, though it’s worth noting that HDM 2016 was in Duluth and UMD didn’t get a chance to play. Do I honestly think that’s why this happened though?
  • This year’s HDM schedule has a nice new addition. FSN is finally managing to televise a women’s collegiate matchup after pointlessly ignoring these games for years. But they could have done that with the Gophers too so I can’t give them too much credit.

#madonline time

First, here’s a little something for you Jim Delany.

Let’s list the reasons why I hate this outcome:

  • As a Minnesota fan, I am required by hubris and fandom to point out that this is Hockey Day Minnesota, not Hockey Day St. Cloud or Hockey Day Duluth. The invite list is in the name and what the Big Ten has allowed via their cash grab is simply over the line. There are rules.
  • I’m a broken record on this next point, but this is just another in the list of things we’re seeing the Big Ten sacrifice for no reason beyond the money. The money is nice. It’s great. It build’s nice buildings and pays big salaries. But I’m enough of a traditionalist to continue to be annoyed at blatant TV money grabs that serve no purpose beyond grabbing money. Madison Square Garden has no connection the Big Ten. I do not care, not even a little, about whether Minnesota plays there. I don’t think it is a special place. I think it’s an old arena in New York City, which means it’s expensive to visit. This is not the same as being special. I’d rather see Minnesota play in Mariucci on Hockey Day Minnesota. At least they aren’t playing the game on a non-traditional night too.

Look, in the end I know this isn’t a huge deal. It’s just stupid and all about the money and I’m tired of it. The end.