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Goal Line Club Auction 2017 #TBT

Support a great cause and get one of these awesome homecoming pins from the 1930s.

This pin is pretty cool

The Goal Line Club is having their annual auction online right now through August 27th. Along with a ton of cool stuff and experiences are these awesome homecoming pins from 1931 and 1939. The minimum bid is $50 which is pretty reasonable, a quick search on eBay has slightly older pins selling for considerably more.

1931 Homecoming

October 31, 1931 Gophers vs Badgers

In the Gophers second season under head coach Fritz Crisler, Minnesota came into its homecoming game 4-1 (having lost to Stanford two weeks earlier). All-American Clarence Munn was the hero of the day. Jack Manders rushed 25 yards for the first Gopher score of the game. Munn in a confusing play to visualize, dropped into the backfield from left guard, faked a run, My Ubl a sophomore, passed the ball to Brad Robinson who eventually lateraled the ball to Munn who ran the ball in for the score. Minnesota won the game 14-0.

1939 Homecoming

October 21, 1939 Gophers vs #10 Buckeyes

This was one of Bernie Bierman’s few bad seasons. Going 3-4-1, Minnesota lacked team speed and had trouble defending the pass. This homecoming game would be the first home loss for the Gophers in 7 seasons. Despite great play from John Mariucci, Harold Van Every, and Bruce Smith, Minnesota could not stop the pass and lost 23-20 to Ohio St.