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Goldy’s Almanac: Minnesota Governor's Play For The Gophers

Did you know, Orville Freeman is the only Minnesota Governor to play football or that Wendell Anderson played hockey for the Gophers?

Orville Freeman, 1955

Minnesota’s 29th Governor, from 1955-1961, first played football for Bernie Bierman in the late 1930s. He was a top student but not a great footballer. He only recorded one reception in his career, in the 1939 game vs Arizona, he made it into the game in mop up duty of a 62-0 blowout win. He also got in for a few seconds that year against Wisconsin but did not record any statistics.

Minnesota’s 33rd Governor, from 1971-1976, first played hockey for John Mariucci. Unfortunately I can’t find any good stats from his career but he did donate this awesome jersey patch to the Minnesota Historical Society.

Wendy’s patch