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Minnesota Football uniform news as fall camp begins

No, Minnesota won’t have all new uniforms.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Fall camp is underway and with it comes two small but notable bits of Minnesota Gophers uniform news. The first was something I was pretty confident back when I was making predictions during “Uniform Week” earlier this spring:

Anthracite uniforms make a comeback. The anthracite (gray) uniforms that Minnesota announced the morning of the Michigan game in 2015 felt like a one off. But if you actually look at the Brick By Brick recruiting website that the U operated, you’ll notice that it’s treated as a “new feature in the Gophers’ uniform lineup” which would suggest they could be used again. Assuming they didn’t junk them after the loss, I predict these uniforms make a comeback this fall. I’ll even go out on a limb and say it wouldn’t shock me to see them in the first game against Buffalo. Confidence level: 75%

And sure enough, that seems to be happening:

Honestly given how much this makes sense, I can’t believe I didn’t give it a higher change of happening in my last post.

The second bit of news wasn’t something I predicted, but it’s small, simple, and makes sense for getting Row The Boat into the uniforms without a full redesign:

Not sure what that would look like? Here’s a visual courtesy of Shannon Brooks:

Shannon Brooks’ Instagram

Again, this is simple and makes sense given how Fleck and the program have been pairing RTB and Ski-U-Mah since he got here. It doesn’t even really change the design of the helmet (which already had Ski-U-Mah on it).

Like I said, nothing earth shattering here but still worth a note.

What do you think?