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Minnesota Football: Live Blogging ESPN’s “Being PJ Fleck” & Open Thread

How many times Fleck say “Elite” and “Row the Boat?”

Tonight is the premier of ESPNU’s “Being PJ Fleck.” There will be 4 episodes of the new Gopher Head Football Coach, featuring the Gopher Football program.

Time: 8:00 CST

The thought here was to come up with a drinking game for this show. But I don’t care what your alcohol is, if you’re doing shots or sips for every time coach Fleck says “Elite” or “Row the Boat,” you’re likely to be too hung over tomorrow morning to go to work. Instead, let’s just play a little game. In the comments, take a guess at how many times Coach Fleck says the following...


“Elite” - 11

IowaGopher is on record as thinking it is easily the over here. But I think that we have about 22 minutes of air time and 11 might be high. It’s hard to gauge before seeing the first episode.

“Row the Boat” - 9

This will be less than Elite, it is more syllables. But this one could really be undervalued here. It is Fleck’s trademark saying and he may pound it into us.

“Culture” - 14

This seems to be a word he says more than any other currently. I think this one gets used about every 45 seconds.

Live Blog

8:02 - WMU recap...pregame Cotton Bowl speech.

Andy Staples doesn’t think he’s fake.

Jim Tressel says that’s just who he is. “Wired, full speed.”

8:05 - Minnesota introductory press conference

The house he grew up in...


8:08 he played lots of sports, got beat up as a kid...seriously...a Badger shirt? he dreams of walking on to the Badger basketball team? Is this guy a mole? Someone call Reusse

Row the Boat - 3

Elite - 1

Culture - 0

8:13 - PJ the rebuilder. High school team went from terrible to back-to-back state champs. Northern Illinois was 11-loss team and was 10-2 as a senior.

8:17 - Jim Tressel talks about PJ “roaring” into Columbus as a GA. “He doesn’t walk in anywhere.”

8:27 checking out all of the funny things in the background. A nerf basketball hoop in the office, for example.

8:28 why does he wear a suit? It’s a respect things. Game day is a big deal. It’s also symbolic as a respectful nod to several of the coaches who made him who he is.

8:29 Jim Tressel points out that PJ Fleck is looking for that next challenge. He’s not wired to stay (as Western Michigan). Should that make us nervous?

“This is our new home. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

When is game day? I’m ready!!!

Final Tally

Row the Boat - 4 (last one was just a “row”)
Elite - 1
Culture - 1