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TDG Staff Bold Predictions for Gopher Football This Fall

What Are Some Bold Predictions for the 2017 Season?

National Funding Holiday Bowl - Minnesota v Washington State Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I asked the TDG staff to give me one or two bold predictions for the 2017 season. Here they are listed in a subjective order of weaksauce take to HOTTAEKS! Offered to you with out additional commentary...

On the Field Bold Predictions

  • We'll play 4 QBs this fall for various reasons. (WhiteSpeedReceiver)
  • Demry Croft will throw 15-20 passing TD's, yes I said Demry as he will be the starting QB. (dvits14)
  • Kamal Martin will lead the Gophers in sacks. (gopherguy05)
  • Shannon Brooks will lead the team in rushing, and it won’t necessarily be because of any injuries. (GopherNation)
  • Rodney Smith will have at least 5 receiving TDs this season. (gopherguy05)
  • Two Gophers will be named to 1st Team All Big Ten. Steven Richardson and.... someone else. (IowaGopher)
  • We end the year with two trinkets. (WhiteSpeedReceiver)
  • The Gophers will have a better record in the final six games of the season than in the first six. The schedule is much tougher in the latter half of the season, but I think early struggles help this team work out the kinks for a strong finish. (IowaGopher)
  • Gophers win 9 games. (mowe0018)
  • We beat Wisconsin (GoAupher)

Special Bold Predictions Involving the Local Media

  • The local columnists and a portion of the fans will saying something to the affect of "so much for being #elite" when they drop a couple games in a row. (dvits14)
  • Reusse doesn't name Fleck Turkey of the Year (GoAupher)
  • Reusse quits in a tirade on Twitter, a la Tom Powers, after Fleck and Co. bring the Axe back home. (zipsofakron)

What other bold predictions do people have for the season?