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Being P.J. Fleck, Part 4 looks to bring a bit more Minnesota Football on screen

Don’t expect Hard Knocks. Do expect more football related #content.

Being P.J. Fleck has been an enjoyable series so far. While Minnesota diehards may have known a lot of what the first 3 episodes covered, there has still been plenty to enjoy and learn about our energetic new coach. The biggest “complaint” I’ve heard throughout the series so far from Gophers fans has focused on the lack of “football content” on screen.

While expecting ESPN to deliver “Hard Knocks - Minnesota Gophers” was never reasonable (especially from something titled “Being P.J. Fleck”), as the season approaches it is understandable that people would want to see a little more film of Coach Fleck doing his thing on the practice field. I’ve got good news for you, as it looks like episode 4 is going to scratch that itch.

Again, DO NOT expect Hard Knocks unless you want to be disappointed. I will be shocked if the show is featuring any players or if we get an in depth discussion of schemes in the final 30 minute broadcast. But based on this trailer I’m guessing that the episode will lean much more heavily on the footage filmed over the last couple of weeks of fall practice, spliced together with narrative content from the spring. (Pro-tip, just look to see if Fleck has hair if you want to tell what was filmed when). I, for one, am excited to watch just how controlled the chaos is at practice!