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Minnesota Football: Catch Up on Week One of the PJ Fleck Show

Did you miss it live? See it here now!

The PJ Fleck show is here!
Gopher Sports

In case you haven’t been paying attention the PJ Fleck Show will be airing weekly on Fox 9 in the Twin Cities. It will be the weekly tv program for the head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Episode one was taped at the State Fair Thursday afternoon and aired Thursday evening at 6:30. 6:30 is a rough time for lots of people, and luckily it appears Fox 9 realizes this as they have the entire show available to watch online for free.

PJ discusses his time so far at Minnesota, breaks down a bit of his offensive and defensive philosophy, talks about some key players for the season and then finally gets into some fair food talk with hosts Hobie Artigue from Fox 9 Sports, former Gopher wide receiver Ron Johnson, and Gopher Sideline reporter Justin Gaard from KFAN.

The show will regularly be broadcast live on Fox 9 at 6:30 on Wednesday nights for the remainder of the season. But if you live outstate and can’t get Fox 9, or just can’t watch at 6:30, it appears you should be able to watch or rewatch it all online the next day.

So if you missed it, check out episode one of the PJ Fleck show below thanks to Fox 9!

For those of you clicking here through Google AMP and Apple News who can’t see the embedded video, you can check out Fox 9’s version HERE.