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Welcome to The Daily Gopher’s new Minnesota Gophers podcast!

Your new place to listen to folks with a face for radio talk about everything Gophers.

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Hello friends! There comes a time in a blog’s life when it needs to deliver more than just the written word to its loyal readers and for us, that time is now. It’s why everyone here at The Daily Gopher is excited to introduce you to the Ski-U-Pahdcast, our new place to talk about everything Gophers!

Some of you might remember the TDG Google Hangouts of 2013. Our goal is to have SUP be just as much fun, only without our faces. We plan to deliver a podcast that you’re proud to listen to while sort of working at your desk. That said, this is a new venture for us and we already know there are improvements we need to make and a a part of making this a better podcast is your feedback. Let us know in the comments what you like and don’t like (constructively, please), topics you’d like to hear us talk about in future episodes, or anything else you think will help improve the show. We plan to have fun with the Pahdcast, but we’re serious about making it easy to enjoy for all of you!

In general, what can you expect from the Ski-U-Pahdcast? Obviously the focus will be mostly on Gophers sports, but expect us to veer into topics both boozy and not (especially as we reach the next off-season). We’re still working out the best night to record on a regular basis, but for now it looks like we’ll record on Tuesday nights and post the podcast on either Wednesday or Thursday (final determination to be made based on amount of effort required to properly edit the show). While we’re sure there will be a core group of TDG staff every week, expect to see your favorite personalites pop in and out as their schedules allow. We’ll be talking about segments to add, possible guests, etc (again, suggestions are welcome!). When there is a lot to talk about we’re betting the show will run just under an hour.

As of now, the only way to listen to the Ski-U-Pahdcast is on SoundCloud. We know many folks prefer to listen via iTunes and Google Play and we’ll be looking into supporting other platforms as the show continues. If you have other formats you’d like to see us on, please let us know!

Again, WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK. Talking to each other is nice and all, but we’re most excited about what this podcast can mean for our community and the comments. In the meantime, please enjoy the very first episode of the Ski-U-Pahdcast!

(If you’re reading via Apple News, please click here to access the podcast)

What we talked about

1:08 - Our 2017 season predictions

17:20 - What do we drink if the Gophers play terribly?

20:05 - What are we looking forward to in 2017 for Gopher Football?

*25:20 - At this point IowaGopher had a microphone issue so we cut his section and jumped to GoAUpher’s response.

31:15 - Thoughts on Minnesota's depth chart

36:20 - Previewing the opener against Buffalo


43:00 - Buffalo preview continued

45:40 - Quick questions

52:30 - The amazing starts of Minnesota Volleyball and Soccer

(NOTE: The intro music every week will be "Jump Into The Fire" by half cocked via Free Music Archive)