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Product Review: NIMA Minnesota Gophers Bluetooth Helmet Speaker

A great new product to add to your desk or bring to your tailgate!

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The Nima Small

Football season is upon us, and its always time to get some new gear for your tailgate right? Well if you find yourself needing a new speaker to rock out your tunes take a look at this product.

The folks over at NIMA have created a portable wireless bluetooth speaker that resembles the maroon Minnesota Gophers football helmet. It’s really sharp and the sound quality is great too!

Nima Saati, CEO and Founder of NIMA USA knows what fans want. A die hard New England Patriots fan, Saati has been involved with the manufacturing of speakers since 2004. He knows what fans want, and he provides it.

The speaker is available in three different sizes so you can find the perfect one for your desk at the office, or a small tailgate, or a big blowout! The NIMA small helmet speaker is perfect for your desk, dorm room, or really easy to transport for a smaller gathering. The medium would be perfect for a mid-sized tailgate party, and if you really want to blow your neighbors gear out of the water, the large is what you are looking for.

All three speakers have a range of 65 feet, last for as long as 8 hours and are compatible with your tablet, computers and phones. If you happen to have two speakers, you are able to sync them up with each other to create a surround sound effect. The specs on all three speakers are below:

Included alongside the helmet speaker in the box comes a USB cable and an AUX cable. and instruction manual. There even is a mobile app that you can use to control the device on with your phone if you don’t want to use the buttons on the back.

NIMA provided myself and Gopher Nation with a small version of the Minnesota Bluetooth Helmet Speaker to use and try out. Below we give you our true and unbiased opinions:


I really like the Nima Bluetooth Helmet speaker. The first thing you notice is the sleek design—it really does look like the Gophers maroon helmet. The dark visor addition on the front is also a nice touch.

As for the most important part, the sound quality is great. It paired easily with my phone and it was plenty loud to be used in my house. I’m looking forward to trying it out tailgating—it won’t be as loud as several bigger speakers but you will be really hard up to find one this small in this price range that packs as big a punch.

One other thing this speaker can do is really going to be a plus for tailgating. You can plug your phone into the USB port in the back of the speaker and discharge the juice left in your speaker battery into your phone. Topping off my phone battery will now be a breeze before heading into TCF.

Gopher Nation:

First and foremost, this was easy. I don’t connect my phone with Bluetooth to anything. I do not have Bluetooth capabilities in my car and just don’t have any use for it in my daily life. In spite of my lack of experience I had this up and running playing music within 5 min. (maybe all Bluetooth technology is this easy, but I was impressed nonetheless) I plugged in the speaker, I turned on Bluetooth on my phone, pulled up YouTube and had “Party in the USA” blaring in minutes. Super simple.

Moving on from just how easy this was, I really do love the look. And they really are a perfect tailgate necessity. It looks good, it has great sound and why wouldn’t you have a sleek Gopher helmet at a Gopher tailgate?

It looks cool, the sound is great, it is easy to use and it is perfect for a Gopher tailgate. My review is very light on the technicals and heavy on “this is cool!” Why? Because it is cool. It gets a thumbs up from me.

If you would like to learn more about NIMA and their products, you can click here.

If you are sold by our reviews and want to pick up a Gopher Bluetooth Helmet Speaker of your own— you can purchase one here.