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3 questions we hope Minnesota Football will answer against Buffalo

Hypotheticals are about to become realities.

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Minnesota Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time Minnesota fans! The season is finally here! The long off-season is about to give way to our favorite fall spectacle. We’re all excited by the opportunity for a new direction under a new staff, but that also means that we’ve got lots of questions to be answered. Here are 3 that stand out as the Gophers prepare to play Buffalo:

1) Will either Demry Croft or Conor Rhoda seize the starting QB job with their play tonight?

Playing two quarterbacks for an extended period is rarely a good thing. So the earlier one of the two candidates wins the QB1 job, the better off the team should be. We don’t need any QBGAZE minions this fall.

2) How effective will the new hybrid rush end role be in the new defensive scheme?

While this isn’t something we can fully judge after just one game, I’m extremely interested to see the early returns of this schematic switch. Especially if (as I hope) it produces a lot of havoc for Buffalo tonight.

3) Will the secondary step up and limit big plays?

Scheme changes aside, Minnesota fans are understandably more confident in the front seven than the defensive backfield right now due to the lack of experience in the DB depth chart. Tonight’s game offers the defensive backs a chance to show their stuff and take a good first step to answering the multitude of questions facing the unit.