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It’s Time to Be Jealous of the Gopher Student’s Swag Again

The annual event where student season ticket swag are revealed

Its student season ticket swag time!

Its that time again. Where us old people get insanely jealous of the sweet swag that the Minnesota Gophers student season ticket holders get for buying season tickets. In past years for football it has been mainly either short or long sleeve t-shirts, for basketball it has varied between t-shirts and jerseyish things, and for hockey it has been a mix of shirts, scarves, hats, etc.

This season it appears its t-shirts for football and basketball and a hat for hockey.

Lets take a closer look.


The students this year get a gold short sleeve t-shirt with the word ROW formed from several other Fleckisms. One only hopes this shirt has a longer shelf life than the Jerrysota ones from a few years ago.


For basketball this season, the U is going with a gold short sleeve t-shirt with the Minneapolis skyline in the foreground of a basketball. An informal poll of a few TDG writers really like this design. Its gone some elements of the Golden State Warriors logo and is different than a lot of the usual block print designs of the past.


Gopher Hockey student season ticket holders have gotten a variety of different swag in the past, but it appears the U is now realizing that the typical t-shirt doesn’t work as well for hockey as a lot of fans wear gopher sweaters and don’t want to wear a student t-shirt design. Though the ones with the diagonal Gophers name a few years ago were pretty damn sweet. This year they are going with a version of the trapper hat. It appears instead of the typical fake fur on the ears and above the eyes they are going with a grey fleece material—less warm but easier to be worn indoors.

All in all I would be perfectly fine wearing any of the free student swag this season. If you are a student and want your own swag, you can still buy season tickets for any of the three sports above. Go get your seats and watch what should hopefully be three really entertaining programs this season while looking sweet in your new gear!