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Jerry Kill Suffers Minor Seizure on Sunday

Minnesota v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Troubling news out of Rutgers where we learned today that former Gopher head coach, Jerry Kill had a minor seizure yesterday. Kill retired as the Gopher’s head coach in 2015 due to his condition but went back to work this year at the offensive coordinator at Rutgers.

Apparently early in Saturday’s game there was a hit along the sideline that caused Kill to fall over.

"Coach Kill had a minor medical setback," Ash announced at his weekly Monday press conference. "He is going to be fine. Saturday, early in the game after the first drive, he got tumbled up. He was really discombobulated in the first half from it and had some headaches Saturday night.

"It hasn't been confirmed or identified as the reason yet, but he had a minor seizure (Sunday) morning. But he is fine. He is still waiting to be released from the hospital. He will be back here this afternoon or tomorrow whenever he feels up to the task.

"It's a minor setback. I fully anticipate he will be back with us here shortly. No concerns about him not being able to do that. Just so we are all clear. He feels great. It's one of those things where life situations or medical situations come up with a lot of people. This happened."

While he is no longer connected to the Gopher program directly, he is still part of the program’s recent history, he is still involved in the Epilepsy Foundation here in Minnesota and we wish he and his family the best.