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ESPN College Gameday headed to New York City; upsets Penn State and Iowa fans

But seriously, this seems really dumb.

That’s quite a load of horse manure there ESPN. Original Photo by Tony Lewis/Getty Images

NOTE: In case you didn’t hear, next weekend’s edition of ESPN College Gameday is going to Times Square instead of a college campus and people are #madonline. If you’re a millennial you’re not going to get this joke without going here first.


SCENE: A group of college football fans sit around Twitter while avoiding their real jobs. Cookie (the College Gameday producer) is working on announcing where the 9/23 edition of Gameday will be held. The fans on Twitter are getting excited for this announcement.

CFB fan #1: “Hey Cookie, do you know what campus College Gameday is going to broadcast from next week?”


/looks at his list

//sees Gameday is headed to New York City


////sends out tweet

CFB fan #1: (disgusted) “This ain’t a college campus!”

Cookie: “What’s the difference?”

CFB fan #1: (super preachy, so you know he’s a Penn State fan) “Cookie, ESPN College Gameday is produced best on college campuses, with drunk fans and cheerleaders and funny signs that know what Gameday is supposed to look like.”

CFB fan #2: (confused, so you know he’s a Rutgers fan) “Next week’s show is in...New York City?”


CFB fan #3: (super #madonline, so he’s definitely an Iowa fan) “Drag him.”