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Minnesota Football vs. Middle Tennessee: postgame podcast and reactions

TDG’s new Pahd is brewed to go down smooth after the game!

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Welcome to Great Takes, Less Filling, a new podcast idea we’d like to do more of here at TDG! The goal of Great Takes is to share short thoughts about the latest Gophers game right after the game ends. Our goal is for this to be a mini Pahd that you can listen to on Saturday night or while running errands on Sunday.

Obviously we didn’t get the first edition up right after the game ended, but we’ll be changing our best in future weeks. We’d also like to call out that we know there are moments when the audio is a little rough at times, which is the result of gg05 and I recording this while driving to his home from the East River Flats. Just like with the big Pahdcast, please share thoughts on how to make this better or tell us what you liked. It was a lot of fun to record and I’m looking forward to us doing this every week.

Time to crack open the first edition of Great Takes, Less Filling!

(If you’re on Apple News, click here to enjoy this episode of Great Takes, Less Filling!)

Also, while I forgot to get a pic of our mic on the visor setup, here is a test run we did with the mic on the console of gg05's car.