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Minnesota Podcast: Football bye week, Volleyball prepares for the B1G, & more!

Also, are beards like a requirement to own a brewery?

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Happy Ski-U-Pahdcast Friday everyone! Apologies for the delay on the Pahd, something something bye week something something Job A something something. We actually managed to record this on Tuesday night (our usual schedule) but someone (*this guy*) let other responsibilities get in the way of the editing process.

New addition to the Pahd this week? Rachel (rachelvan4) who joined us to talk Minnesota Volleyball! We’re hoping she’ll be able to be with us each week the rest of the season, though her grad school schedule might mean we record her segment separately from the rest of our motley crew.

This week we:

  • took a quick look back at Middle Tennessee
  • discussed how we’re feeling now that the Gophers are 25% of the way through the regular season
  • critiqued Fleck’s fashion
  • got our first preview from Rachel as she looked at the B1G Volleyball season
  • debated the importance of beards in brewing

As always, please share any suggestions you have for how to improve the Pahd in the comments!

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