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Minnesota Podcast: Big Ten football after week 4, previewing Maryland & more!

Including the worst locker rooms we’ve even been in and a NUCLEAR FIRE HOT TAKE!

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Happy Ski-U-Pahdcast day everyone! Apologies for another small delay on the Pahd, we’re still changing our best out here. This week was 100% about football, as scheduling conflicts prevented Rachel from joining us to talk Minnesota Volleyball.

Some exciting stuff this week, including:

  • our thoughts on the Big Ten after 4 weeks
  • the Pahd’s preview of the Maryland Terrapins
  • why this Gophers defense won’t haunt our dreams like the Mason and Brewster versions
  • the first edition of USTREET NUCLEAR FIRE TAKES presented by Fallout 4***
  • the worst locker rooms we’ve ever seen and why Jim Harbaugh would hate them
***not actually presented by Fallout 4, though we do have a nifty new sound effect for the bit

As always, please share any suggestions you have for how to improve the Pahd in the comments!

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